Why European windows


Popularity of Tilt and Turn Windows With the popularity and demand for tilt and turn windows increasing rapidly all over Europe, it was only a matter of time before the concept became popular in the United States. While most Americans see tilt and turn windows as a “new” style, they’ve been around for a long time. That means if you purchase tilt and turn windows, you’ll wind up with a reliable product that’s been used for decades in Europe.

One of the main reasons why so many Europeans and Americans are opting for tilt and turn windows has to do with the incredible safety and security they offer. Not only do they protect against intruders, but they also make your home safer for your child and pets. They also offer an easy fire escape route.

With a tilt and turn window, you’re getting three different types of windows in one: a fixed window, hopper window, and an in-swing window. The European hardware used to make this product puts one handle in the downward position when you want to lock the window. When you do that, you have a fixed window that is difficult to open from the outside for security reasons. If you want to swing your windows inward, then you’ll need to turn the handle 90 degrees and then let the window swing inward. If you’re going to tilt the window open, move the handle to a 180-degree angle or upward. Then, you’ll be able to tip the window and open it.

Now that we’ve covered the safety and security offered by tilt and turn windows, we’ll discuss the benefits of installing tilt and turn windows in your home.

Safety Benefits of Tilt and Turn Windows

If you’re considering installing new tilt and turn windows for your home, you’ll want to know about the many benefits of tilt and turn windows, including their safety and security features. Tilt and turn windows provide homeowners several advantages, which we outline in detail below.

Versatile Design

With tilt and turn windows, you’ll get a lot of flexibility when you want to let a little air into your home. If you install tilt and turn windows, you won’t need to fully open a window if you’re going to get some fresh air indoors. All you’ll need to do is slightly open your window by tilting it.

After you’ve tilted the window, you can then adjust the angle of the window, depending on how much fresh air you want to allow into your home. Also, the way tilt and turn windows are designed helps to prevent rainwater, snow, or hail from getting into your house while the windows are open because of the tilted design.

Also, since you only open the windows slightly and they are difficult to move from the exterior of the house, you’ll stay very safe inside your home.

Great for Small Areas

Since tilt and turn windows offer so much flexibility, they’re excellent for small areas and tiny rooms. If you have a small space and you want to let some fresh air in, you’ll be able to easily open a window without having to swing back a large window into the room. So, it’s much easier to let some air into a small room or bathroom with a tilt and turn window design.

You’ll also be able to ventilate easily without having to worry about anybody pushing the windows open from the outside since that’s almost impossible to do with tilt and turn windows.

Easy-To-Use and Maintain

Tilt and turn windows are also very easy to use and maintain. These are probably the only windows in existence that can make cleaning a more straightforward process for you. You don’t need to use a ladder for upstairs windows or lean out of your window when you clean the tilt and turn window. Instead, they are straightforward to clean because of their flexibility.

If you put your window in the turn position, you can easily clean both sides of your windows while you are still inside your house. So, you won’t need to worry about ladders, climbing, or any extra work. While most people never look forward to cleaning their windows because it’s such a delicate and time-consuming process, tilt and turn windows are safe and easy to clean. That’s another safety feature that many people don’t realize tilt and turn windows offer. Since you won’t need to climb a ladder to clean your windows, you’ll be much safer when you clean.

Air-Sealed for Better Insulation
Tilt and turn windows are well-known for coming with better air-seals than what sliding, single-hung or double-hung windows can offer. Because the air seals on tilt and turn windows are better than what you’d get on a regular window, you won’t experience as much water leakage or unwanted air seeping in when it’s cold or hot outside. Tilt and turn windows have two to four air seals per window, which is more than what you’d get with your standard window. Since you’ll get windows that insulate better when you purchase tilt and turn windows, you won’t need to spend so much money on your energy bills. You’ll get better insulation overall in your home, and that will bring down the cost of electricity. Also, since tilt and turn windows have such great seals, it makes them that much more difficult for intruders to open from the outside of your home.

Safety Features
Tilt and turn windows also have some safety features that are well worth mentioning. Great for use around small children. Since you can slightly tilt these types of windows, you’ll wind up with a window that’s great for small children. With a tilt and turn window, you’ll be able to ventilate your home without having to worry about your child falling out of the window or trapping his or her fingers in the window.
Make it easy to leave the home in an emergency. If you’re worried about making an emergency exit from your home in case of an emergency, like a fire, you don’t have to worry about tilt and turn windows. You can still fully open tilt and turn windows and escape your house anytime you have an emergency.
Use strong hardware and multiple locking points. Tilt and turn windows have stronger internal hardware and multiple locking points, as well. That means tilt and turn windows offer a lot more safety and security against unwanted intruders. Plus, the fact that the hinges are in-swing helps to prevent tilt and turn windows from being forced open by anybody that is outside of the home.
Nearly impossible to open the window from the outside. Your tilt and turn windows will still give you plenty of safety and protection, even if you leave them in the tilt position. You’ll be able to let air in a while again, staying safe. Since the window needs to be worked from inside the home, it is nearly impossible to open a slightly tilted tilt and turn window from the outside, keeping intruders out.
Other Benefits of Tilt and Turn Windows
Now that you can see why tilt and turn windows are some of the safest for your home, you will want to consider some of the other benefits that offer.
Another benefit of tilt and turn windows is the beautiful aesthetics they offer. You’ll get limitless choices in the type of window frames you can buy, from aluminum to wood. You’ll also get a bevy of options in colors, glazing, frames, and handles. Most manufacturers offer powder-coating in a wide range of colors, as well.
Tilt and turn windows typically offer handles in stainless steel or powder-coated colors. Also, if you’re worried about privacy, you can have your tilt and turn windows glazed so that you can still let in natural light, but retain your privacy while you are inside of your home.
So, no matter how you’ve designed the exterior and interior of your home, you’ll find there are so many options in styles and colors with tilt and turn windows that you should have no problem matching up your wants to your house’s current appearance.
Hidden Sash
If you want a minimal design, then you can consider using a hidden sash when you get your tilt and turn windows installed. With a hidden sash frame, your windows will look like your standard fixed windows. However, instead, you’ll have a tilt and turn window. You’ll get consistent architectural lines this way, and your window frames will look uniform, creating a sleek, modern look.
Hidden Hinges
Tilt and turn windows can also come installed with hidden hinges if you want a clean look for your house. Much like a hidden sash, hidden hinges will also make your windows look fixed, although they’ll be operable. You won’t need to worry about any hardware sticking out anywhere and looking ugly, either.
Unobstructed Views
If you have large window space areas in your home, then you’ll love what tilt and turn windows can do for you. Tilt and turn windows work well in large window areas if you want an unobstructed view. Also, tilt and turn windows are great for letting plenty of natural light into a room.
Ventilation is probably the most apparent advantage of purchasing tilt and turn windows. Since you can tilt the window, you’ll get plenty of ventilation from the top of the window. That way, you won’t wind up with strong winds or breezes blowing through your home and bringing in dirt or knocking down objects.
However, if you do want to let a breeze in, then all you’ll need to do is turn your window instead of tilt it. Using the turn feature on your tilt and turn window will let you create plenty of airflow so that you get the most ventilation possible. So, you’ll be able to control precisely how much air you want to let in the room.
Types of Tilt and Turn Windows: Which is the Safest?
When it comes to tilt and turn windows, you’ll have options for the kind of window you want to purchase. All of the materials that make up tilt and turn windows offer plenty of safety and security against home intruders. Some of the most common types of materials include:
uPVC, which is a popular material for tilt and turn windows. uPVC is the most affordable choice when compared to your other options like timber, aluminum, and composite. uPVC is also a popular option because it’s upkeep is lower when compared to wooden windows. Wooden windows can rot, and aluminum can rust. However, very cheap uPVC can warp and discolor over time.
Aluminum is another popular material for tilt and turn windows. Aluminum tends to cost more than uPVC, but it’s also much more robust. You’ll get a lot more strength for safety and security if you opt for aluminum. Plus, with aluminum frames, you can recycle them, and the maintenance is lower.
Timber frames tend to cost more than aluminum frames. They are another popular choice for tilt and turn windows because they provide a traditional look. Wood is also durable and holds up well against forced intrusion attempts. However, wood is expensive, and it can rot over time.
Composite is also more expensive to use on your tilt and turn windows. You’ll wind up with a durable window that will hold up well against intruders, but you will have to pay a bit more money for composite.
If you want to choose the window that is the most secure for your home, then you should consider an aluminum or composite tilt and turn window.
Also, besides purchasing tilt and turn windows, you’ll have the option to buy tilt and turn patio doors and tilt and turn blinds for your windows. Just like tilt and turn windows, tilt and turn patio doors offer a lot of extra safety features compared to regular patio doors, providing protection against intruders.
Tilt and Turn Patio Doors
Tilt and turn features also apply to patio doors and French doors. Tilt and turn patio doors and French doors also have a similar three-point opening capability when compared to tilt and turn windows. You can purchase these doors as double sash or tilt and turn doors.
Typically, you can buy tilt and turn patio doors or French doors in wood, uPVC, or aluminum. If you opt for a tilt and turn door, keep in mind that it will be limited by its size and weight.
Tilt and Turn Window Blinds
Many people that already own tilt and turn windows have probably told you it can be hard to find blinds that will work with a tilt and turn window. However, since tilt and turn windows are now becoming more popular in the United States, you’ll be able to find companies that offer a bevy of options in blinds that will work with these windows. You’ll be able to pick the style and color that works for you.
Blinds also offer an extra layer of privacy and security against the outside world. As tilt and turn windows are becoming more popular in America, more and more manufacturers are creating blinds for these types of windows to add privacy and safety. Are Tilt and Turn Windows Right For You?
If you’re considering purchasing tilt and turn windows, you’ll need to figure out if they are right for you. Tilt and turn windows do tend to cost more than your standard window. However, if you can think about why you want to tilt and turn windows and whether they will work well for you, then you’ll be able to figure out what is the best decision for you.
Tilt and turn windows will be great for you if:
You want more security and safety in your home.
You have animals at home.
You have small children living with you, and you’re dealing with regular windows.
You own a home with multiple stories.
You live in an above-ground flat.
You own a small balcony area, and you can’t stand the way the window opens.
You need extra ventilation in your home.
Final Thoughts
If you’re considering purchasing tilt and turn windows for safety and security, then you’ll need to take some time to figure out how to get the best deal on your windows. If you’re on a budget, then there are a few things you’ll want to think about before buying anything.
First, you can cut back on costs by getting a cheaper frame material. If you want something durable and affordable, then go for uPVC. It’s the most inexpensive frame material out there, and you’ll probably wind up saving about 40% of your money on materials if you opt for uPVC.
uPVC provides an excellent level of protection against intruders. Plus, you’ll still get all the child safety benefits and fire escape safety provided by tilt and turn windows. However, you’ll need to think about what’s best for you and your family and weigh your options.